Message From Principal


   Children are marvelous creatures with creative talents, spontaneity, originality and are full of   dreams waiting to find expression. Our focus at Air Force School is to facilitate experiential   learning in a warm and caring environment. Our commitment to teach the way the students learn is  not just a catch-phrase, but one of our enduring core values.

We are commited to focuse on the individual and allowing pupil to grow in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, The school staff is highly commited to the aims and ethos of the school, dedicated to developing the full potential of  all.

Air Force School aims at holistic development of the child. It is here that they   learn to think, to wonder and to dream. The children between the age of 3 and 10 learn the joys of sharing, of discovering themselves and of growing up into confident boys and girls ready to face the world.

       The curriculam of the school is integrated with activities. The main objective is to help a child achieve both scholastic and non-scholastic skills. We understand the importance of formative years in a child’s life. Hence, each child is given individual attention.