Message From Principal



In a dynamic & technology driven world when the learner has to adapt to constantly changing situations, the role of Education system has been progressively augmented. Education is no longer mere learning of facts but is training of mind to think, analyse and interpret.

Incisive counseling by parents and educators is the need of the hour. Proper guidance can help ardent youth to overcome issues at social, professional and personal front. Children need a listening ear and an understanding heart. In order to reach out to them, we need to touch the cord. At Air Force School, Halwara all our efforts are focused to provide our students an environ where feeling of competence and self worth is inculcated through self directed exploration. As someone who has wonderful opportunity of touching the cords of innocent hearts, shaping brilliant minds, I assure that Air Force School, Halwara will always remain adhered to intrinsic core values of integrity, honesty and academic excellence where there are equal opportunities for all its students to rise to fullest of their potential.




M.Sc M.A B.Ed